Why Mind Streams

Most universities struggle to operate an efficient enrollment team.  In part this is caused by geographic constraints to qualified advisors, but predominately it is due to the organizational makeup of the University environment.

Universities like structure and process.  When hiring advisors there are numerous hurdles and approvals needed just to start the process.  Most hiring managers are restricted to a predetermined salary matrix that isn’t calibrated to attract the most experienced associates.  More detrimental than the hiring practice is termination.  Many times, it will take 6 to 9 months to terminate a poor performer causing universities hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost tuition revenue.     

At Mind Streams, we take a different approach. Because enrollment advising is our business, we can attract top talent by offering competitive compensation and a culture that encourages growth. Training time is reduced because of the experience our advisors come with as well as our focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing. Mind Streams focuses on results, not process. We support our advisors as they use their strengths to reach their goals. We can move underperforming advisors and have replacements almost immediately, meaning your enrollments don’t stop during transitions.

For years Mind Streams has partnered with top-tier universities as they’ve launched online degrees.

Mind Streams specializes in enrollment advising freeing up universities to do what they do best: educating their students. Mind Streams offers fully-trained Enrollment Advisors with years of experience and track records of success.

Our focus is student and university success. We want to help quality universities attract and retain students.

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