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MS in Nursing – Nursing Education

Interested in sharing your passion for nursing with the next generation? The Nursing Education specialization of our Master of Science in Nursing prepares nurses for various roles in nurse education—in both clinical and academic settings. Graduates of this program may teach in nursing schools or teaching hospitals, providing patient and staff education.

The Nursing Education specialization is designed to provide courses that will equip students with a comprehensive education grounded in nursing theory and research, a practical knowledge of legal and ethical issues in healthcare, and specialized skills in areas such as teaching strategies and curriculum development.

The Master of Science in Nursing with a specialization in Nursing Education program is intended for registered nurses who have already completed their bachelor’s degree in nursing. Registered nurses who do not yet have a bachelor’s degree in nursing but would like to pursue a MSN degree may do so through our RN to MSN Bridge program. Open to registered nurses who already possess an associates degree in nursing, this program allows RNs to graduate directly with their MSN degree without being required to complete a separate bachelor’s degree program.

MSN students specializing in Nursing Education will gain the skills necessary to transform their nursing experience into teaching expertise. Students acquire the tools to develop and manage classes through courses including Issues in Nursing Education; Teaching Strategies in Nursing Education; and Curriculum Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.

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