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Masters of Science in Organizational Leadership

The mission of the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program is to prepare diverse learners to become effective, change-oriented leaders in an international society. The program uses distinctive and challenging curriculum that integrates theory with practice, personal success with service to others, and information technology with creativity, empathy, and democracy.

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program prepares individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests into change-oriented leaders. As every industry and profession needs effective and ethical leadership, employers are increasingly targeting candidates that possess the capacity to take initiative, build and cultivate strong teams, orchestrate conflict, and promote innovation to serve organizational purposes. Using a collaborative, integral and holistic approach, this degree builds the skill set to think critically and analytically, learn communication skills that serve a diverse population, and develop the ability to lead change in increasingly global/complex environments. Drawing from work/life experiences, students will learn to frame problems, use systems thinking and plan strategic interventions. Students will acquire knowledge, skills and abilities through experiential learning and critical analysis.

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