Student Support

Individualized Support Team

Here at Mind Streams we understand how important it is for you to achieve your educational goals. That is why we have developed an expert team of Education Consultants to make sure your goals are reached within your time frame and budget.

Mind Streams Education Consultants (EC) specialize in different degree levels to make sure when you are looking to obtain a degree the support you receive is specific to your educational advancement. From our Associate’s EC Team to our Doctoral EC Team we will be able to knowledgeably provide the details of our degree programs, answer any questions you may have then guide you through the steps necessary to getting started.

Degree Assistance

Your Mind Stream Education Consultant is available to assist you in finding the degree plan that best meets your personal and professional goals. Your personal EC will provide the guidance to find the degree that will meet your needs and if necessary, the student loans and grant opportunities available to help you pay for your education.

Our goal is to take the time to find out your education needs, help overcome any obstacles that may be preventing you from getting started, then outline a degree plan that streamlines the application and admissions process so you can concentrate on starting school.

Application Assistance

Once you have decided which program works for you and what online university you will be attending, your EC will send you the University application, assist with any questions you may have then once completed and returned, we will submit the application to the University to ensure the initiation of your student file. (In most cases, we will even pay the University Application Fee).

Transcript Support

Mind Streams goes above and beyond reviewing, selecting and enrolling you into the perfect program to suit your busy lifestyle. As an additional benefit, your Mind Streams’ EC will order and track your official transcripts to ensure they arrive at your attending University in a timely fashion.

We will cover all out of pocket costs and make sure that the process of getting your transcripts to your new school is taken care of without you having to worry about it.

Financial Aid / Grant / Scholarship Assistance

Enrolling for school is just a small part of the continuing education process. There is over $100 Billion in Loans and Grants that are available for those going to school. Our Mind Stream EC’s will assist you in finding any available funding either via Financial Aid, Teacher Loan Forgiveness Grants, Pell Grants and Scholarship Opportunities.

Tuition, books and time are a financial hurdle for most people continuing education. Mind Streams Team of EC’s are dedicated to making your dream come true in assisting you with finding all available funds to ease that burden.