Mind Streams Support Services

What services does Mind Streams offer?

Mind Streams offers a wide variety of FREE services for students seeking assistance in furthering their education. Our services include one on one assistance from a professional Education Consultant who will provide information on our University partners, degree programs of interest, online instruction as well as the application, admissions and registration process of each University. We will also order your official transcripts at our expense and in most cases waive the University application fees. Our services are established to help streamline your transition back to school and provide any support you may need to help keep you motivated to complete your educational goals.

Why does Mind Streams offer these services?

Our mission is to offer as many support services necessary to help simplify the process of going back to school. This can be an overwhelming task for busy working adults but with Mind Streams FREE support services, we can help streamline this process so you can better prepare yourself to start school.

How do I contact a Mind Streams Education Consultant?

To see your options for contacting a Mind Streams Representative, please click click here or use chat live with us by clicking on the button below.

How much does Mind Streams Support Services cost

There is never a fee for students to utilize Mind Streams services. Our only requirement would be that you enroll into one of the degree programs offered through our University partners.

Finding Courses and Degree Programs

How do I start the process of pursuing online education?

Many times student either put off or never pursue their education goals because they simply don’t know where to start. If you are motivated to go back to school, we recommend contacting one of our Mind Streams Consultants first. They will ask questions regarding your needs and goals, provide you information on your University options, then guide you through the process of applying, registering and starting school.

How do I find a listing of all the degrees you offer?

Simply click on the “Online Degrees” tab at the top of the home page. This will prompt you to the wide variety of degrees Mind Streams offers through its University partners.

Do you offer Teacher Licensure programs?

Mind Streams does offer a selection of Bachelor and Masters Teacher Licensure programs. Please refer to the Online Degree link located on the home page or contact a Mind Streams Consultant for more information on these programs.