What our Students are Saying

“This was a wonderful program for me, and a great opportunity. I am not so computer savvy, and the online program is fabulous. The mentors and teachers are so incredibly helpful. I am so fabulously blessed.”

Evia Michelle Dyer-Lewis, Kindergarten Teacher

“Before this opportunity, I had no way of affording going back to school. I waited until my kids finished school, then decided to go back myself. It was my turn. This opportunity had great timing. Thank you.”

Joseph Seahorn, Athletic Director/Teacher

“This has been a wonderful experience. I love that I can travel around the U.S. with my laptop to be in touch with my classmates and perform all my class duties properly. It is a really good opportunity to finish a Masters Degree program.”

Elizabeth Ortiz, Teacher

“I’m overwhelmed with the opportunity to continue my education. At one point in my life, I felt as if there was no hope for me to go back to school. My co-worker introduced me to this program and I can’t thank her enough. I’m learning new things and [meeting] new people all at the same time. This program is so convenient for me and my kids. I can be a full time mother and get my education, too.”

Consuela Mayfield

“I entered the program unsure of myself because it had been 22 years since I had studied at a university. I didn’t know how I was going to do with the website programs after all this time. But, I already have 15 hours with excellence in all my courses, and every time I enter a new course, I feel more confident in myself. I love the online program.”

Evelyn Quinones, Bilingual Teacher